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This page is for the Original Monday Candle Ceremony held each week since March 15, 1993.

On Monday evenings all across the globe we light candles in memory of our pets.
It is a very healing ritual with no adherence to any religion or creed, just a simple lighting of candles to bring us all together.
While there is an on-line Ceremony in our Chat Room every Monday, the Candle Ceremony does not have to be done on-line.
Each of us can light our candles in our own way, and privately, but since we share a common love and since most of us do light them at the same time, we are joined in love and in spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When and how did it begin?

It began back on a message board on the Internet Service Provider Prodigy in early 1993. Several people felt the need for a ceremony to honor and recognize our pets who are no longer with us. For the full story of the Ceremony's origins, go here:


Where is the Ceremony?

The Ceremony is done personally for each of us. Although it is available online in the chatroom in real time, most participate offline. The information in this section addresses mostly questions about the online Ceremony. The online Ceremony is done in real time in the chatroom at petloss.com: http://Petloss.com/chat.htm.

When is it?

It is held at 10:00 pm Eastern time on Monday nights.

The next Candle Ceremony will be held at 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time/ 02:00:00 Universal Time.*
on Monday September 25 2023

*(Click HERE to display the current Universal Time.)

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Do I have to be present for the ceremony or can I do it offline?

You can do the ceremony yourself anytime.

What do I need for the Ceremony?

The Ceremony typically involves the lighting of three candles. A three-wick candle is also fine. And if you only have one candle, that is fine as well. If you are allergic to candles or have none, simply turning on an extra lamp is also fine. The idea is to send out light to our furbabies who have gone to the Bridge, and whatever is available to you is perfectly fine.

If you do have candles, you will want to gather those, as well as something to light them with. The Ceremony can be very emotional for many, so having tissues close at hand is also advisable.

When do I light the candles?

You can light them whenever you want to, although there are specific points in the Ceremony where you can light them as well. It is an individual preference.

Should I blow out the candles after the Ceremony?

You can, but you don't have to. Many people leave their candles burning for a while after.

What else do I have to do during the Ceremony?

If you are in the chatroom, all you need to do is read and follow the text on your screen. If you are doing it yourself, you may want to read the text to yourself, or out loud; whatever is comfortable for you is right.

How long does the Ceremony last?

It lasts approximately 20 minutes online. If you are doing it yourself, it can last as long or as short as you wish.

I missed the Ceremony online, and feel bad about it.

The Ceremony is something that is in your heart. It can be done anytime, anywhere. Please don't feel badly if you missed it in the chatroom; you were there in spirit.

Is the Ceremony from one particular religion?

No. It is very non-denominational and embraces all spiritual beliefs.

For those who cannot attend the regular Monday Ceremony there is a Special Candle Ceremony, once a month, on the second Sunday of the month, at 3:00 PM Eastern time.

The next Sunday Candle Ceremony will be held at 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time on
Sunday October 8 2023

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